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At Last..A New Post!!

Mar 09

At Last..A New Post!!

Hello and welcome if you are a new visitor, I really appreciate you dropping by.  If you’re a regular, then first off I must apologise for my lack of posting on this blog.  Anyway, I’m back and having spent the whole night updating the software which delivers this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of writing and produce a post.  More than that, I have made myself a promise that I will publish a post at least twice a week.

My mental health is pretty crap at the moment as I’m in a deep and crushing depression.  My sleep patterns are all messed up and I find myself taking an afternoon nap, which means I can’t get to sleep at night.  I hang on to the fact that bipolar means my mood will swing into a manic phase within a few weeks.  I have to be careful with the Spring mood swing as I can easily become psychotic and start doing stupid things.  The worst was a couple of years ago when I became convinced the game show, Britain’s Got Talent was fixed, so I wrote a blog on how they did it and tweeted the link.  It went viral and the following day my blog had made it onto the front page of all the tabloid newspapers, with The Sun claiming that over one million people had read the blog…I don’t know if that’s true or whether they, like my blog was just made up.  Certainly though it had been read by a lot of people.

Realising what I had done, I came to my senses and published a full retraction and apology; pointing out that I was having a psychotic episode and that there was no truth in the blog, but the damage had been done.  Simon Cowell was furious, stating in news reports and live on BGT that “the liar” would be unmasked and that he was assembling a team of computer experts to track me down.

Cowell also went to the police, but in news reports they stated that it sounded like a publicity stunt to boost ratings and that in any event, my blog did not come into the sphere of a Malicious Communication.

I kept my head down and thought no more about the matter.

A few weeks later I received a phone call from a senior member of my local mental health service, called Suzanne.  Suzanne explained that she had received a number of phone calls from Scotland Yard’s Metropolitan Police.  They had been making enquires to see if I was known to the mental health service and the nature, as well as extent of my illness.

Suzanne reassured me that nothing bad was going to happen, but two detectives from London would be driving up the following Wednesday.  She would be with them and would act as my “Appropriate Adult” during any questioning.

On the day, Suzanne, a Detective Sergeant and a Detective Constable called at my home and arrested me for sending a Malicious Communication.  I was taken to Grimsby Police Station where my lawyer was also waiting for me.  My lawyer read the blog and after a discussion with the detectives, he met with me in private and stated that there was no way the blog could be classified as a Malicious Communication; which was brought in to deal with death threats and alike.  My blog merely claimed a game-show was fixed and threatened no-one.

My lawyer said that he would rather relish the chance to take it to Court as he was sure the charge would be thrown out.  However, given my mental health and the fact that all the police intended to do was give me a Caution, he advised that I suck-it-up.  Simon Cowell had wanted to make a big deal of my arrest and Charge, but was warned that giving a guy with serious mental health problems a good-kicking in the media could easily back-fire on him.

And so that’s how it ended.  The detectives drove back to London and I came home with an official police caution.

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