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Great Music for FREE!

Mar 23

Great Music for FREE!

Hello and welcome to the News category of my site.  Here, you will find, information about new services, features and upcoming stuff.

If you came here via my home-page, you may have noticed a new service in the main, drop-down menu.  The Free Music Downloader is a cool and innovative way to grab the music you really want to listen to.  

YouTube is the biggest database of free to listen to music on the Internet; certainly, it spanks the arse off Spotify (that said, I am planning on introducing a service for members of Spotify to download music there as an mp3).  Anyway, with YouTube being the biggest, it makes sense to use this wonderful resource.

The Free Music Downloader works by searching YouTube for whatever tracks you are looking for.  It maybe a single track or an entire album.  You’ll even find the latest music charts for the United States, Great Britain and Germany.  It returns your search results in a nano-second.  You can then make a selection and the video for that track is loaded onto the page and you can view it while deciding if you want to download or not.

To download it’s merely a button click away; there’s no copy/paste required and of course, there’s no advertising.  Give it a go and please let me know what you think?

Music Downloader

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