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Great Television…

Mar 19

Great Television…

I don’t actually get around to watching too much television as, while messing around online and with my website, I prefer listening to a good radio drama or an audio book, of which I have many.

Currently, I’m listening to a great crime/murder thriller by Luke Smitherd called, Kill Someone.  If you have any recommendations for me, please drop me a message or leave a comment at the bottom of this post as I’m aways on the lookout for good audio books, particularly psychological thrillers and crime dramas.

Although I’m not the greatest of TV watchers, I did recently stumble across a great US crime/thriller programme called The Blacklist starring James Spader as the concierge of crime, Raymond Reddington.  Having not been aired on British TV, I first came across it on The Pirate Bay and became hooked after watching the pilot episode.  Now in it’s fourth season, I’ve watched and enjoyed every episode.

The synopsis is pretty simple.  Raymond Reddington, on of the FBI’s most wanted hands himself in and trades his freedom in return for helping the Feds capture other high profile criminals from what he calls The Blacklist

Still engaged in criminal activity himself, the very camp Reddington, while showing himself to be a cold-blooded killer, develops a wonderful, mysterious and, at times, touching relationship with Special Agent Elizabeth Kean.

Spader gives a wonderful portrayal of Raymond Reddington and I can highly recommend this series.


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  1. Bipolar Bob /

    Yes, I can really recommend it Doug 🙂

  2. Douglas Memler /
    Wow!  I’ve heard of The Blacklist, but never tuned in.  I’m gonna catch up on the episodes now for sure!  The convict/criminal that helps find the bad guys is awesome.

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