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Microsoft Office Pro 2016

Jul 09

Microsoft Office Pro 2016

Roughly three years since its last major update, Microsoft has finally brought Office into the modern working world.

This new version, called Office 2016 on both Mac and PC, is the first to have collaboration and sharing tools that closely match what Google Docs has had for years.

This copy, which comes with Microsoft’s chart and diagram application, Visio Professional 2016, was very badly infected with malware.  But having cleaned all that out, it is now 100% clean.  Remember though that this application has a crack and your anti-virus is likely to flag it up as a threat.  It isn’t it’s a false positive.  I’ve had this copy running on my machine since November 2015 without any problems.


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  1. Bipolar Bob /

    Hi Ray, just run the activation process again – no need to uninstall or anything

    Best wishes

  2. Greetings Bob,

    I must say that I truly miss not being able to view your original installation instructional video on youtube. For some technological reason, my version has lost its activation and I can’t seem to land a good activation key.

    The file has been removed from Media Fire so a new download is not possible. I wish I could get you to reply on skype as I so enjoyed the one session we had a while back. Oh well, cheers!

  3. Bipolar Bob /

    It sounds as if the file has corrupted during the download. Delete it from your system and redownload. I hope this helps.

  4. tristan /
    hey im getting a problem with the x64 version when i try to run it it comes up with crc error

    please help

  5. Bipolar Bob /

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your kind words which are much appreciated.

    Best wishes


  6. Peter /

    Dear Bob,

    The installation was successful and the program is just working smoothly. Thank you very much Bob for your kindness support… You are a very wonderful person!

    I would like to check your Excel’s uploads as I am interested in developing my skills: Consolidation with 3D Formula, Creating slices, etc. So it obvious that will need your valuable help.

    Regards – Peter

  7. Peter /

    This is Peter again, YES, I finally got the link and I am downloading the file. The point is that I missed to open all the description section on the Youtube video. So, when I clicked the more link then I got the download link and I am downloading the 32-Bit version.

    Thank you very much for helping those in need… I simply thank you very much!

    I will get back to you once I run the software on my pc.

    God bless you. 

  8. Peter /

    Hi again Bob,

    Thank you for your reply… I really appreciate your kindness.

    I just want you to know that “The Download here” redirected me onto MediaFire Page. There is not any link referring to MS Office 2016 as expected… Is there anything wrong?? I am lost, please help me here.

    Regards – Peter

  9. Bipolar Bob /

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for getting in touch. The Download Here link can be found just above the video on my site or just below the video on YouTube in the description. When you click on the download link your browser will open a new page and connect you to MediaFire where the application is hosted…the two files you can choose to download fade into view, taking their time.

    I hope this helps Peter, but please feel free to yell if there is anything you don’t understand.
    Best wishes

  10. Peter /

    Hello Mr. Bob,

    Thank you for the wonderful help you are providing, this is simply awesome.

    I am planning to download the MS Office 2016 Professional Plus  32-bit, unfortunately I do not see the link you are referring to. Please, help me to figure out what I am missing or just send me the link using my personal e-mail address. 

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  11. Bipolar Bob /

    Hi Joanne, you don’t need to open an account with MediaFire, Office is just hosted there for downloading purposes. After clicking the download link a page will open in your browser which offers two files which can be downloaded. Just click on the download button appropriate to your file and Office will download.

    I hope this helps

  12. Joanne Greenwood /
    Hi Bob

    Thanks for the help here, I think I am missing something really obvious but I clicked the download link, guessed I would have to open an account, then nothing I left it sat for half an hour whilst I had a cuppa, then tried whilst logged out still nothing. What am I doing wrong, please.

  13. Bipolar Bob /

    as if by magic they appear on the screen for you….just open your eyes and look

  14. Cibi M /
    where do i find the program in media fire?
  15. Bipolar Bob /

    Hi Jane
    You will notice that one file is for 32 bit machines while the other is for 64 bit.

  16. Jane /
    There are 2 download links at MediaFire.

    How do I know which one to use?

  17. Bipolar Bob /

    You download the program from MediaFire

  18. Hi there,


    How do I download the software? clicking on the button takes me to Media Fire

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