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My first posting…

Jul 17

My first posting…

With this being my first blog post on living with bipolar, I must admit it’s leaving me with a slight feeling of trepidation and anxiety.  What if my first post is about exciting as watching paint dry or, having read my About page, you’ve already decided I’m a wanker?  

What if I or my subject matter is a bore, or I change this blog into nothing more than a psychiatric half-crazed rant?  So many questions and, it would appear, I have no answers.  So the only thing I can do, is run with this blog and see where it takes me.  

For me, I hope this blog, a private place, somewhere I can come to think and write and, with a bit of luck, this form of expression will not only be quite cathartic for myself, but interesting to others living with bipolar or caring for someone with bipolar.

I’m not in too bad of place at present, usually, during the Summer I go on a major downer which lasts all Season and then rockets in the other direction come the first or second week of September.  This year however, is a bit different and, a couple of weeks ago, I had a massive mood-swing from the depths of suicidal depression, to the joys of mania in just a few hours.  It is very dissettling, if not worrying, when I have a mood-swing outside of sleep.  When having a swing I am always left worrying about, how low will my mood plummet; will I go so low as to have suicidal and/or self-harm ideation?  If my mood-swing is in the other direction, while it leaves me feeling fantastic, concern is never far away that, I will go too high and become psychotic.  Cont…

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  1. What an odd and intriguing little place Bob fascinating and will certainly be back.

    Checked out your torrents (Thank you for your efforts) and they are definitely eclectic possibly even bipolar in that they cover such a wide scope.

    I suffer from no diagnosed condition but work with many who do I have no answers or advice worth your time I find simply being there for them as much as I can is the best I can do.

    Look forward to reading more from you buddy, like the film says

    “If you build it they will come”

  2. Bipolar Bob /

    Thanks for the message Christof. I hope you get your diagnosis soon and that you remain well.

    Cheers, dude 🙂

  3. christof /
    Thanks for that post, and the blog, and the torrents (that’s how I foud the blog (just saw new Reacher Audiobook). I only read this one post, and man… it is inspiring. I’m APD, BPD, NPD and STPD in alphabetical order (personality-disorder-wise), and possibly schizoaffective, still waiting for my diagnosis on this one. I guess I might actually need a blog of my own rather than spewing like that in the comments to smn else’s stuff.
  4. keep up the great work mate, top man
  5. Ben Dover /
    Keep up the good work, man. Much love.
  6. thanks Bob, for the second episode of the grand tour..

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